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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ClubFx Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “ClubFx”) puts a high value on the Customer’s rights for privacy and confidentiality. Our priority – to protect and ensure the privacy of our customers ‘and visitors’ personal information now and in the future. However, ClubFx can collect and maintain personal data solely for the purpose of improving quality and reducing the continued use of our services. This Privacy Policy describes the major reasons for collecting personal information by ClubFx and the maintenance, use, and storage of the following information.

Information Collected

In the process of opening and/or maintaining a Live Account and/or ClubFx Demo Account collect certain information about the Client. This information may include:

1. Personal data Information provided by the Customer in the form of electronic applications, and provided via email, such as

  • full name, residential address and contact details (e.g., email address, telephone number, fax etc.);
  • date of birth, place of birth, gender, citizenship;
  • profession and employment details;
  • authentication data (e.g., signature)
  • location data;

Information Collected
  • verification information, which includes information necessary to verify your identity such as a passport or driver’s license (examples also include background information we receive about you from public records or from other entities not affiliated with us); furthermore, we may collect other identifiable information such as identification numbers and/or Passport/Tax registration numbers;

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2. Trading Information

2. Trading Information We also keep records of your trading behaviour, including records regarding the following:

  • trading account balances, trading activity, your inquiries and our responses;
  • trading performance, knowledge and experience;
  • any other information customarily used to identify you and about your trading experience which is relevant to us providing our services to you.
  • products you trade with us and their performance;
  • historical data about the trades and investments you have made including the amount invested;
  • your preference for certain types of products and services.

3. Financial information Information provided by Customer, such as income, assets and so on for Customer’s credit rating;

  • information about your income and wealth, including details about your and source of funds, assets and liabilities, bank account information, trading statements, FATCA and CRS information and financial statements;
  • information on whether you hold a prominent public function (PEPs);

4. Support documentation. Documents provided by Customer, such as passports and/or IDs, utility bills, bank statements, bank card copies, copy of payment orders, documents of incorporation, etc;

5. Online traffic information. The information ClubFx will collect on the use of Client’s website and other online ClubFx resources, such as the standard data received by our servers at the time of your access to our site, page visit, frequency, duration, IP address, trading activity and so forth

We obtain this information in a number of ways through your use of our services including through any of our websites, apps, the account opening applications, our demo sign up forms, webinar sign up forms, subscribing to news updates and from information provided in the course of ongoing customer service communications.

Information Collected

We may also collect this information about you from third parties such as through publicly available sources. We may ask for other personal information voluntarily from time to time (for example, through market research or surveys). If you choose not to provide the information we need to fulfill your request for a specific product or service, we may not be able to provide you with the requested product or service. We may record any communications, electronic, by telephone, in person or otherwise, that we have with you in relation to the services we provide to you and our business relationship with you. These recordings will be our sole property and will constitute evidence of the communications between us. Such telephone conversations may be recorded without the use of a warning tone or any other further notice. Further, if you visit any of our offices or premises, we may have CCTV which will record your image.

Unsolicited Personal Information
Where we receive personal information about an individual which is unsolicited by us and not required for the provision of our services, we will securely destroy the information (provided it is lawful and reasonable for us to do so).


Use Of Personal Information

ClubFx may use aggregate information about Clients to improve its services and provide its customers with the most appropriate products. ClubFx may use Customer’s personal data collected for the following purposes:

1. To verify the Customer’s identity to open and maintain a Live Client account and/or Demo;
2. To carry out trading and non-trading operations;
3. To comply with ClubFx’s anti-money laundry policy;
4. To customize services and products provided to Customers;
5. To update Customers on ClubFx products, services, and opportunities that may appeal to customers;

6. To obtain statistical data to improve the productivity and efficiency of the company’s products and services.
7. By recognizing your device used to access and use the Company’s website(s), we can provide you with the most appropriate version of our website(s).
8. Logging certain behaviors on the site enable the company to track user activity and therefore troubleshoot any issues that may occur.
9. Using your IP address helps us localize our website content, which we provide to you based on your country, and improve your user experience on our site(s).
10. Cookies are text files with a small amount of data sent from our website(s) to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies help us improve the performance of our website(s) and our website visitors’ experience, track your referrer, and improve our future advertising campaigns.
11. You must submit validation documents to us through the Company’s Members Area in order to activate your trading account. These documents are transmitted over a secure 128-bit SSL connection and stored in a safe location

Personal Information Storage and Protection

ClubFx keeps the Customer’s confidentiality as one of its primary priorities and takes all necessary steps to protect personal data and improve the security and security of Customer’ confidential information. In addition, ClubFx administers the use of internal personal information pursuant to this Privacy Policy. ClubFx uses the Client’s bank card information solely for the purpose of processing counterfeit payments and fraudulent via secure and short-form server connections.

Disclosure of Information

ClubFx may share the personal information described above with allied affiliates, partners, service providers and organizations and / or persons solely for the purpose of processing the trade and non-trade instructions of the Customer and to provide the products or services requested by the Customer or to giving the Customer the opportunity to participate in the affiliate product or service of the offer. ClubFx affiliation is required to protect personal information according to ClubFx Privacy Policy is being used.
ClubFx may share personal information with non-affiliated companies that provide the support services requested by ClubFx and/or Client.

Disclosure of  Information
To improve our services and customize our products, ClubFx may provide third-party companies to perform certain operations and functions, such as customer service, customer satisfaction surveys as well as account processing, fulfillment and/or other data-gathering practices related to ClubFx’s business. ClubFx may disclose personal data to uninsured third parties, such as advice providers, professionals, insurance, accounting advice to ClubFx. The use of information shared with third parties is limited to assignments provided by ClubFx and/or Client. All third parties receiving personal information submitted are requested to protect and protect privacy data within the same area of ​​ClubFx not in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If at any time the Client chooses to purchase any products and/or services provided by other companies, their personal information will no longer be governed by this Privacy Policy. ClubFx is not responsible for Customer’s personal information if he or she shares with another website / third party ClubFx link to. ClubFx is unable to control external websites. Links may also appear on ClubFx's online information, including but not limited to websites, email responses, etc.

ClubFx may disclose personal information to representatives of legal and administrative agencies. And law enforcement agencies To comply with appropriate legal requests and to protect the rights and property of the company



ClubFx uses cookies to collect information. Cookies are small text files sent by a web server and stored in the visitor's browser to save and read later. When visitors return to the website, cookies help visitors Visitors can use the website more easily by remembering visitor information such as passwords (encoded), viewing preferences, etc. Cookies make working with websites more convenient for visitors. the View Since you don't have to re-enter the same information every time you return to the website.

Data usage

Customers fully consent to the collection, maintenance, storage, use and disclosure of their personal data. To third parties by accepting the terms of service of the customer agreement and/or using the ClubFx service in accordance with this privacy policy

Opt Out

Customers may ask ClubFx not to share their personal information with non-affiliate third parties. In this case, customers can contact a customer service representative.
Customers may choose not to provide ClubFx with their personal data. However, our inability to use such information may affect our ability to open and / or maintain accounts and / or provide services to customers.

Changes Privacy Policy

ClubFx reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time without notifying customers in advance.
If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives.